The Raveh-Ravid Fund for Academic Excellence and Social Leadership

The Raveh-Ravid Fund for Academic Excellence and Social Leadership was established in 2007 to promote and develop well rounded, educated and socially aware young leaders in Israel.
The Fund’s leadership and scholarship program is operated in collaboration with the Community Involvement Unit at University of Haifa. It combines the desire to contribute to Israeli society with a belief in promoting academic excellence and advancing social awareness and involvement.

Scholarship program for outstanding students with leadership potential

The students participating in the Fund’s leadership program are entitled to a full academic scholarship beginning in the second year of undergraduate studies and extending through graduation.
The Fund also supports students who continue to graduate degrees.

Our Team

  • Itzhak Ravid, CPA

    Fund Chairman

  • Abir Raveh, CPA


  • Yair Goldfinger


  • Nitza Genosar

    Steering Committee Chairperson

Our Work

In the leadership program, students acquire and further develop personal leadership skills by pursuing academic excellence and by applying their skills in the social action arena. As part of our desire to promote and develop students’ leadership skills, the Fund implements a “growth model” designed to reveal and boost the students’ strengths by assigning students with various responsibilities as they progress in their studies.

In addition, the program focuses on nurturing each student’s individual ways of thinking and also promotes their involvement in social and community activities.

As part of their responsibilities, students are placed into meaningful community activities, initiating and leading various social initiatives for diverse target populations, including educational initiatives for youth at risk, supporting elderly who suffer from loneliness, developing responses to community needs in neighborhoods and more.

In addition to community involvement, students participate in special enrichment seminars on different topics: the changing world of employment, social and business entrepreneurship, public speaking, negotiations, decision making and more. Students also have a unique opportunity to take part in different conferences in Israel and overseas.


Raveh Ravid & Co. CPA

The Raveh Ravid Fund was established by the accounting firm of Raveh Ravid & Co., in collaboration with the University of Haifa, with the goal of encouraging and developing a new generation of young leaders. In addition to providing scholarships, Raveh Ravid & Co. and the University of Haifa cover all the management expenses related to the Fund and its work.