Community outreach programs

As part of the program requirements, in addition to their studies, the students must take on an active role in a variety of social projects run by the University of Haifa. We believe that the involvement of the students in volunteer projects such as these is extremely important, as this will encourage them to go on to establish their own social and sustainable initiatives.

Our Team

  • The Leo Baeck High School Program – In this program, students lead and counsel youth from Leo Baeck High School in creating collaborative social endeavors. The program includes workshops relating to leadership, social entrepreneurship and teamwork.

  • “HaGal Sheli” (My Wave) – The students work with at-risk children and teens, teaching them to surf, as a metaphor for overcoming the challenges of life.

  • Financial Education – The students lead financial education sessions at shelters for youth at risk, in collaboration with "Mityaalim” (Becoming More Efficient).

  • “Shomrim Al Kesher” (Keeping in Touch) – This project is run in collaboration with the Haifa Municipality. It is designed to and address the loneliness and other needs of the elderly in Haifa who are disconnected from their families due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • “Chadarim Shel Tikvah” (Rooms of Hope) – This project, run in co-operation with the Social Welfare Ministry, focuses on children fighting cancer and their families by helping them renovate their child’s bedroom to support their healing process.

  • In addition to community involvement, students in the Raveh Ravid Fund initiate and lead conferences on various current issues which are open to the public and held at the University of Haifa.

  • Students in their second and third years in the program develop and lead projects based on the identified needs of different communities in Haifa.

  • As part of their community work, students participate in workshops, attend lectures, meet with leading figures in local industry, take tours and participate in local and international conferences.

The alumni community

The Raveh Ravid Fund is proud of Its alumni and sees them as partners in designing the vision of the fund. The fund keeps alumni involved through professional and social meetings, workshops and additional events.
The alumni are offered opportunities to be part of the ongoing work of the Fund by mentoring students, facilitating workshops and more.